Alumni Community

At YoungArts, an artist’s journey extends far beyond their initial recognition as a YoungArts awardee. Throughout their lives, YoungArts alumni are provided access to a community of their artistic peers in addition to creative and professional resources for any stage of their career. Offerings include creative residencies, professional development workshops, funding opportunities, artist awards, networking meetups, and so much more. Through YoungArts Post, the free online platform exclusive to YoungArts alumni, artists can connect and converse with their peers, share their work, and apply for opportunities offered through YoungArts or our partner organizations.

Created exclusively for YoungArts alumni, YoungArts Post is a free, private, online platform designed to encourage alumni to re-connect, share their work and discover new opportunities. Access to applications for residencies, grants, performance and exhibition opportunities, temporary work with core programs and targeted offerings from YoungArts’ cultural partners are all available on YoungArts Post.

Alumni can also create their own profile page to serve as an online portfolio of their work, post upcoming public events for promotion, access text and video resources and engage with one another to foster professional and personal relationships.



Creative & Emergency Microgrants

The YoungArts Microgrant Program was established in November of 2018 to support the professional development and/or artistic needs of YoungArts alumni through small monetary awards. Applications are available via an open call on YoungArts Post year-round. Alumni may apply for up to $1,000 and must submit a detailed description of the project/need for their request, as well as commit to providing documentation of the funds used if monies are awarded. Grants may be requested for any expenses related to professional or artistic development prior to the work taking place, including travel expenses to a residency, registration fees for a conference or class, the purchase of equipment, studio rental fees, etc. 

In March of 2020, following the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States, creative grants were temporarily halted and over $290,000 in funds were reallocated to administer emergency grants to YoungArts alumni experiencing loss of work due to the pandemic. In August of 2020, creative microgrants were reinstated and the program was extended to include emergency microgrants as a category of funding.

The YoungArts Microgrant Program—now including both Creative and Emergency grants—offers a total of $30,000 per month in funding to YoungArts alumni.


Wellness Resources

We are excited to announce a new partnership with MyWellbeing, a company that connects people to the right therapist for them and empowers wellness providers in their business and community growth. In addition to their matching therapy-seekers to 1:1 care, MyWellbeing supports organizations and communities, like ours, to bring stronger, more compatible and more personalized wellness resources and support systems to their teams and wider communities.
We have partnered with MyWellbeing on a series of virtual wellness experiences and support groups that will be offered at no cost to our YoungArts community of artists. We at YoungArts want to show up for you with stronger wellness resources and support systems so that you feel as seen, heard and inspired as possible.


Please note: these virtual experiences are not therapy. If you find yourself in crisis or in a life-or-death situation, please call 911, visit your local ER, or consult these crisis resources.

Creative Development

YoungArts has prioritized new and expanded opportunities for alumni artists to create, develop and present their work and to connect with audiences through a variety of initiatives for emerging and mid-career artists. Through YoungArts Post, alumni can apply via open call to residency, exhibition and performance opportunities, as well as fellowships and awards across the country. In addition to YoungArts’ authored programs, we have partnered with multiple, significant cultural institutions such as The Watermill Center, Baxter St. The Camera Club of New York, The Fountainhead, The Betsy Hotel and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to extend residency and exhibition opportunities in New York and Miami.


Professional Development

YoungArts offers alumni opportunities to broaden their skills and knowledge through symposia and discipline-specific workshops featuring industry leaders in the artistic, legal, financial, public relations and fundraising fields. YoungArts also advocates for alumni to participate in the national arts dialogue through participation in influential annual conferences including the Americans for the Arts’ Arts Policy Roundtable, Creative Capital Retreat and National Performance Network Conference.


Work with YoungArts

Fifty-seven percent of all YoungArts administrative and artistic positions were filled by alumni in the 2018/2019 season. Resident advisors, discipline coordinators, national reviewers and guest artists play an integral role in the quality of YoungArts programming and the mentorship of our winners. It takes exceptional people to fulfill these roles and therefore, we take special care in selecting individuals with the potential to develop leadership skills and grow within the YoungArts community.


YoungArts regularly engages alumni for performance opportunities at YoungArts donor and corporate partnership events. If you're interested in participating please email [email protected].

Get to Know Us

With programs in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., as well as YoungArts representation at national conferences across the U.S., alumni are invited and encouraged to attend annual meet-ups in each city. Sign up for email updates and follow YoungArts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to ensure you never miss an opportunity to hang out with us.

Special perks are available for those who attend and sign up for YoungArts Post on the spot, or bring a fellow alumnus/a with you who signs up to YoungArts Post.