About Daniel Arsham’s “The Future was Written”

Wednesday Sep 30th, 2015

Blog > About Daniel Arsham’s “The Future was Written”

After a thought-provoking opening reception, visit by amazing local students and informative YoungArts Salon (sponsored by the wonderful John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; full video coming soon!), we’re more or less obsessed with YoungArts alumnus Daniel Arsham’s exhibit in the YoungArts Gallery. Luckily this interactive installation will be up in our gallery through December 11, so you have plenty of time to drop by and write your future.

Here are some learnings and notes from his various talks that day about the exhibition to inform your visit or just give you some great food for thought.

Daniel Arsham undergoes formal explorations of the dichotomy between the natural world and the collapse of architectural iconography. He creates a lens into apocalyptic scenarios where humanity can rediscover itself; history can be malleable, in a way, and observed through fabricated archeological evidence. “The Future was Written” is the largest interactive piece he and his team have ever made and includes components of his previous work, which Arsham followers will recognize.

Photo by Brandon Dumlao, Corner of the Cave Media.

When this new light is shined on familiar or old objects - the casting of these relics in unique, earthy materials such as chalk - our senses become enhanced and assumptions about what is present and what is future begin to flourish. The different time frames mix together as these present-day objects are made to look like archeological finds from a distant past, but are used to project the future. That is the essence of this exhibition, “The Future was Written,” and seems to be the artist’s quest - to exhibit decomposition as a tool for foreshadowing.

Photo by Jason Koerner.

If you attend the gallery, remember this instruction from Daniel: Write or draw your impression of the future. As you leave, be patient. The future will be there when you arrive.

Time-lapse by Corner of the Cave Media. Recap by Mikey Centrella, Director of Digital Communications at YoungArts.