Behind the Scenes of the Transformations Film Project

Thursday Sep 29th, 2016

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In celebration of YoungArts’ 35th anniversary, the “Transformations” series will premiere on November 5, 2016 featuring five short films created by groups of alumni in various disciplines. The program provides selected alumni an opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas and create new work that reveals unique interdisciplinary connections—such as between dance and writing; voice and cinematic arts; jazz and photography; music and design; and visual art and theater.
One of the five films is being created by JeanCarlo Ramirez (2012 Winner in Cinematic Arts), Kate Vrijmoet (1984 Winner in Visual Arts) and Pascal Le Boeuf (2004 Winner in Classical Music), who are turning the film screen into an immersive artistic experience exploring the individual struggle to achieve equality by borrowing concepts from Vrijmoet’s Non-ordinary Reality painting series and Le Boeuf's compositions for prepared piano. Based on the concept of “Transformation,” the film aims to transform viewers by shifting perspectives and via unexpected dynamics.
The film was shot at various locations across South Florida, including the YoungArts campus in Miami, Ramirez’ home in Lake Worth, which was chosen as the ideal location for underwater scenes, and at the magnificent G-Star School of the Arts studio's sound stage in West Palm Beach, which is a replica of a Warner Brothers sound stage.
“Working with Kate and Pascal was incredible!” shares JeanCarlo Ramirez and adds, “Our idea began its molding process while Kate was in Seattle, Pascal was in Italy, and I was in Colombia. It was very interesting. Communication was a little difficult, but we made it happen and were all very happy with our final idea for this project. The week in Florida, that we spent together working on this project, made us realize how lucky we were to have been chosen to work in the same group! We had a very ambitious idea that required many hours of work, but with communication and hard work we brought our idea to life and realized how much our personalities and our work flow complement one another.”