Dust My Eyes With Diatomaceous Earth

Tuesday Oct 1st, 2019

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YoungArts’ growing roster of programs to support artists throughout their careers includes valuable residency opportunities around the country. Selected as the first Bay Parc Apartments Resident Artist of the season, Lee Pivnik (2014 Winner in Visual Arts) is currently exhibiting new sculptural works in their installation-based gallery space during Miami Art Week.

Dust My Eyes With Diatomaceous Earth
By Lee Pivnik
On view through the end of January
Miami-based artist Lee Pivnik presents a series of new works primarily composed of embellished ceramics and gouache paintings as part of his exhibition, Dust My Eyes With Diatomaceous Earth, at the Bay Parc Apartments, 1756 N Bayshore Drive, Miami. The recent body of work features glazed ceramics in branching forms that have been embedded with multicolored beads and stones, decorated to mimic a process of biological ornamentation. Covered in wax, carved foam, pressed flowers and fabrics, materials cling to the ceramic forms like lichens on a rotting branch.
Pivnik’s work is site-specific, delicate, and frequently temporal. His current body of work is produced in response to the remnants of a limestone brick building, constructed in 1936 in Matheson Hammock Park. Initially built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the building was designed as a native plant nursery to help maintain the ecology of Matheson Hammock Park during its development. At some point, under serious disrepair, the building’s wood-slat roof fell through. In its place, a ceiling of banyan trees dropping aerial roots effectively created a space that is simultaneously inside and outside, inorganic and natural. A scale model of the building rendered in clay is present in this exhibition.
Dust My Eyes With Diatomaceous Earth is part of a residency—through a partnership between YoungArts and Bay Parc Apartments—that provides YoungArts alumni with space and resources they need to create site-specific installations at Parc Space, a 500-square-foot installation-based gallery. Accompanied by activations and art talks, the project connects artists to local audiences and fosters art as an integral part of living in Miami.