Keeping on 'pointe' at the American Ballet Theatre

Wednesday May 24th, 2017

Blog > Keeping on 'pointe' at the American Ballet Theatre

Photo by Em Watson.

On May 14, patrons of the dance world gathered at New York Live Arts for an intimate discussion between American Ballet Theatre's (ABT) renowned choreographer and Artist in Residence Alexei Ratmanksy and soloist Cassandra Trenary (2011 Winner in Dance). The conversation, which was focused on the critical junctures in a dancer's career, was moderated by YoungArts Director of Alumni & Public Programs Esther Park.
Throughout the talk, dance darling Trenary offered the audience a gracious glimpse into her world. After a series of injuries, she had considered leaving the company when her mentors, coaches and Ratmansky convinced her to keep at it, providing the support she needed and assisting her through those trying times. This was a turning point in Trenary's career. 
“I gained the confidence I needed and began performing at a different, higher level,” said Trenary, who has focused on consistent improvement and on enjoying her current dancing roles.
Ratmanksy, who has choreographed an astounding 17 pieces in his 25-year career as a choreographer, agreed. “It’s a healthier mindset to focus on where you are at instead of focusing on your title within the company.”
The lesson extends beyond the dance world, a welcome reminder to focus on being the best version of yourself each day.