Leo Castaneda—Items in Varied Renders at IRL Miami

Monday Aug 22nd, 2016

Blog > Leo Castaneda—Items in Varied Renders at IRL Miami

By Heike Dempster

Photo credit: Heike Dempster

YoungArts alumnus Leo Castaneda’s solo exhibition “Items in Varied Renders” at IRL Miami features paintings, drawings, video, interactive sculpture and virtual reality. Playing with ideas of mixed reality, Castaneda merges real and virtual worlds that inform each other across various media via conceptual explorations, imagery, and textures.

The exhibition’s title borrows from the vocabulary of video games, where the word ‘item’ describes objects of value, tools or even characters with artificial intelligence. In video games, collections of items are assembled in various manners: from menus to showrooms reminiscent of furniture stores. “Items in Varied Renders” functions as a multi-layered physical showroom including the gallery space, the virtual reality space and the conceptual space.

Castaneda blurs the distinction between human and object as he denies figures any interaction with the external environment and by unifying monochromatic textures pulled from the artist’s paintings, photos and drawings. Personal photos from a trip to the Amazon sit next to appropriated images from diverse sources on the internet and screengrabs of instances in the creation of artworks, various origins and histories blend together as they become abstract textures and patterns. The resulting in-between space takes the viewer somewhere between the past, present and speculative future that merges interior design with videogame arcades, while also inevitably highlighting the design of the exhibition itself.

See more images from the exhibition and read a Q&A with the artist.

“Items in Varied Renders” will have its closing reception on Saturday, August 27, 7-10 pm at IRL Miami, 8395 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami 33138. If you missed the exhibition in Miami, note that other formats of this exhibition will be realized at IRL New York soon. For dates and further information please contact [email protected] or call 786.384.4856.