Mapping the 2016 YoungArts Miami exhibition

Friday Mar 25th, 2016

Blog > Mapping the 2016 YoungArts Miami exhibition

For this year’s YoungArts Miami exhibition, curator Diana Nawi reviewed over 60 portfolios to seamlessly weave together the work of 42 visual artists, 11 designers and 9 photographers from the South Florida region.

The artists represented in this group exhibition are a true testament to the wealth of creative expression that is present in South Florida.

The first floor of the gallery explores themes of domesticity, memory and imagined landscapes, while others explore ideas and concepts of the body in an intimate domestic space. Some of the works on view explore the artist’s relationship to domestic space; a bed/sound installation allows for viewers to interact and come in contact with tangible memories of being read to as a young child. Other works examine landscapes; some surreal, some imagines, some explored for the very first time. One of the works explores a neighborhood in Argentina that is only known to the artist through familiar histories. The artist employs a reductive technique that speaks to the experiences she missed out on by not being part of this landscape.

On the second floor of the galleries, the curator grouped works that have to do with the individual, their body and portraiture. The idea of portraiture is explored through a salon-style wall of works that are rich in technique, styles and mediums. Black and white photographic portraits captivate viewers with their intense gaze; other artists use materials that are symbolic to them and speak to their identity. Another section of the floor is composed of works that explore the concept of ornamentation on the body and face. Some use everyday objects in unconventional ways, others use digital technology to create intricate designs and shapes that have a direct relationship to the body.

These young artists have adopted an open approach to form and subject in order to articulate rich universes contained within themselves and find place and meaning in the world they inhabit. YoungArts thanks its Miami winners in Visual Arts, Photography and Design for sharing their artistry with us. 

To find out more about visiting the YoungArts Gallery, contact (305) 377-1140 or[email protected].