Q&A with Daniel Arsham | YoungArts Awareness Day 2015

Wednesday Sep 23rd, 2015

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Alum Daniel Arsham has been making us proud with his black-and-white exhibits around the globe, so we are EXTREMELY excited to host “The Future was Written” - a new installation in which visitors can draw on the gallery walls using nearly 2,000 of Arhsam’s trademark artifacts cast in chalk - at our campus. 

The exhibition opens for YoungArts Awareness Day with a sure-to-be-amazing reception AND with the resurgence of the YoungArts Salon Series, sponsored by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation! We’ll let moderator Franklin Sirmans (newly-appointed PAMM director!) ask Arsham the bulk of the questions, but we couldn’t help getting a few insights from him beforehand.

YoungArts: Your work for the YoungArts gallery welcomes visitors to create their own art and drawings. What artist do you wish would make a surprise appearance and make their mark on your installation?

Daniel Arsham: Visitors will be asked to make drawings or notes on the wall that relate to time. What is your conception of time? This work is not about a specific artist, rather a collective idea about the past, the present and the future.

YA: If you had the time to have a totally different artist identity/alter ego on the side, what kind of art would you make/do?

DA: I already have this. I am an artist, an architect, a film maker, a stage designer, and a photographer. These modes of working all feel the same to me.

YA: You work with choreographer Jonah Bokaer often. How do you think your collaborations would be different if he did the visual art and you did the choreography?

DA: Jonah will often make suggestions about the scenography and I will oftern make notes about the choreography. So, in a way this is already happening and our collaboration is about finding a grey area.

YA: What’s your earliest memory of art-making?

DA: Taking photos after Hurricane Andrew.

YA: We’re about to have you at YoungArts for a Salon aka more questions and answers, so last one: What question do you always wish people would ask you but never do?

DA: Any question I have never been asked!

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