Q&A with Zuzanna Szadkowski | YoungArts Awareness Day 2015

Monday Sep 21st, 2015

Blog > Q&A with Zuzanna Szadkowski | YoungArts Awareness Day 2015

In anticipation of Thursday’s 54 Below alumni cabaret performance, we asked the show’s director Zuzanna Szadkowski (our fabulous 1997 YoungArts Winner in Theater and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and frequent Master Teacher) some questions to tame our excitement.

YA: What’s one piece of advice/director’s note you’ve given the performers to get them in the right headspace for this showcase?

ZS: I reminded the performers that this is a celebration of them - of the journeys and huge successes of all YoungArts alumni.

YA: If your showcase had a grand group final number, what song would it be, and what would everyone be wearing?

ZS: Beyonce’s “I Was Here”. Performers fight their whole lives to do what they love, to express themselves and to make an imprint on the world by moving people through storytelling. They would wear sequins and glitter because their job is to entertain and, of course, that would be fun for everyone.

YA: What’s your favorite YoungArts memory?

ZS: The very first day of YoungArts Week, we were greeted with the words “Welcome Artists”. It truly hit me for the first time that I was an artist, that that was my life and my future.

YA: We love that you and Andrew met at YoungArts Week and are still friends to this day. What other artist (alive or dead) do you wish you’d met as teenagers at YoungArts, and what would you have talked about at breakfast?

ZS: I don’t know who to pick. Honestly, one of the coolest things about this program is that every year since I was brought into the YoungArts community I have had the opportunity to meet and to be taught by incredible artists, both in person and via the MasterClass series on HBO.  

YA: Who would be your dream Master Teacher?

ZS: I would love to have a class with both Tilda Swinton and John Hawkes. Those two are so incredibly transformative and authentic across so many incredible roles, especially in film. I would freak out at that chance!

Thanks to Zuzanna for the insight and the mental image of sequins and glitter. We can’t wait for Thursday’s performance with fellow alumni Andrew Rannells, Tony Yazbeck, Alysha Deslorieux, Grace Weber and Julian Pollack! There are still a few tickets left, so treat yourself and get yours now - or get more info here on celebrating YoungArts on September 24 around the country.