The Story of a Lifetime: Moonlight

Tuesday Jan 10th, 2017

Blog > The Story of a Lifetime: Moonlight

Most likely you’ve heard about the movie Moonlight, a beautiful story shedding new light on characters you might not have looked at so profoundly before. Based and filmed in Miami, this movie is very close to home and we’re so happy to see it succeed, including earning the Best Picture title at this weekend’s Golden Globes!

Not just that, but, of course, we are infinitely proud to call many of Moonlight’s makers family: the film is based on a story by YoungArts alumnus and master teacher Tarell Alvin McCraney, and alumnus Andrew Hevia served as a producer (they used our campus as their production office for a while, too). The film’s score was composed by alumnus Nicholas Britell, and the fable goes that Tarell and Moonlight director and screenwriter Barry Jenkins met through Borscht Film Co., a group founded by YoungArts alumni from Miami.

So, no big deal, we’re proud of this film as if our own children made it. We’re so happy for its successes so far, its impact on viewers and everywhere it has yet to go. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to see it! This is the artwork that’s changing our social landscape in all the beautiful ways we need.

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