A YoungArts Talk in New York and New Music by Alumnus Samora Pinderhughes

Thursday Mar 2nd, 2017

Blog > A YoungArts Talk in New York and New Music by Alumnus Samora Pinderhughes

On Sunday, March 5 YoungArts presents the Salon “Critical Junctures: Visual Arts” in New York. The conversation between artist Glenn Ligon and composer and pianist Samora Pinderhughes (2009 YoungArts Winner in Jazz) will explore artistic integrity, the role of art as a political statement or mouthpiece, as well as identity in America.
Ligon is known for his work investigating race, language, desire, and sexuality across mediums. As he continues to contextualize the cultural narrative of this country, its impact is magnified at this critical juncture in time.
Pinderhughes is a 25-yr-old composer and pianist, known for large multidisciplinary projects and for his use of music to examine sociopolitical issues.
YoungArts’ very own Alex Noghaven took some time to listen to Samora’s new EP "The Transformations Suite":

“The Transformations Suite” by Samora Pinderhughes does not mince words. Each track requires active listening as it tackles the subject of discrimination in Black America. Opening up, Pinderhughes’s voice is tempered and theatrical. He demands of the listener and, perhaps more importantly, the nation: “Give us justice now.” As the phrase is repeated, it grows in poetic importance that reverberates through the entire album. Each piece plays on deftness of vocabulary and musical composition. The two complement each other as the lyrics pause to marinate during musical interludes. The album overwhelms and settles you down, over and over again, affecting anxiety and heartbreak. “The Transformations Suite” is meant to permeate your moral conscious and it does so with grace and fierce passion.
To check out the EP for yourself, visit https://soundcloud.com/samora-pinderhughes
The Salon “Critical Junctures: Visual Arts” will be held on Sunday, March 5 at 2pm at New York Live Arts Theater.