• Saturday Jun 09, 2018
  • 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
In Process: Homecoming with Cat Garcia-Menocal

For the final edition of the ‘Process: Homecoming’ series presented by the National YoungArts Foundation, Cat Garcia-Menocal (2008 Winner in Visual Arts) is collaborating with a dancer to create “Ficciones”, a confluence of sculpture, architecture, performance that constructs a fabulation and figment about truth, the displaced body, and Home. Drawing from the likes of Gordon Matta-Clark and Jorge Luis Borges, the work presents a series of material excisions of architectures that never were. The objects implicate the body, while also challenging notions of place and the politics of truth. Surface becomes stage, the familiar becomes strangely other, and fiction creates a plausible new reality. 

In Process: Homecoming is an artist residency dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration. Providing a Miami-born alumnus/a with the time, space and resources to create work, this program encourages them to recruit other alumni outside of Miami to participate, experiment and innovate. At the conclusion of the residency, the artists showcase their work in the neighborhood where they grew up or feel most connected to, further expanding YoungArts’ programs into communities throughout the city.
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