In Process

In Process is an artist residency program dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration between two alumni at seminal stages of their careers.

In Process: Homecoming with Cat Garcia-Menocal

For the final edition of ‘In Process: Homecoming’ of the season, Cat Garcia-Menocal (2008 Winner in Visual Arts) is collaborating with Amanda Krische (2012 Winner in Dance) to create “Ficciones,” a confluence of sculpture, architecture and performance that constructs a fabulation about truth, the displaced body and Home. Drawing from influences such as Gordon Matta-Clark and Jorge Luis Borges, the work presents a series of material excisions of architectures that never were. The objects implicate the body, while also challenging notions of place and the politics of truth. Surface becomes stage, the familiar becomes strangely other, and fiction creates a plausible new reality.


Past Paticipants:

Ernest Baker (2009 Winner in Dance and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) and Kayla Briët (2016 Winner in Cinematic Arts) | April 2018
 James Allister Sprang (2008 Winner in Visual Arts) and Julie Zhu (2008 Winner in Visual Arts) | October 2017
Lee Heinemann (2011 YoungArts Winner in Visual Arts and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) and Conrad Tao (2011 YoungArts Winner in Classical Music and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) | May 2017
Paris Williams (2016 Winner in Voice) and Aaron Starkey (2010 Winner in Visual Art) | February 2017
Brittany Bailey (2008 Winner in Dance) and Maya Ragazzo (2013 Winner in Cinematic Arts) | November 2016
Delali Ayivor (2011 Winner in Writing and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) and Nicole Mouriño (2006 Winner in Visual Arts) | October 2016