Master Artists

YoungArts Master Artists are some of the most distinguished and accomplished artists in the world within each of the nine disciplines in the visual, literary and performing arts. This group includes YoungArts Master Teachers, National Reviewers, National Selection Panel, Visiting Artists and our Discipline Coordinators.

YoungArts Master Artists understand the importance of YoungArts’ mission to cultivate and inspire the next generation of artists and lend their time and expertise to teaching YoungArts students. Their unique perspectives on their art forms provide students with an insight to some of the most brilliant artistic minds of our time. The opportunity to work closely with someone who represents what it means to be a successful artist has helped many students understand what it takes to make a career in the arts and gives them the inspiration and motivation to continue to pursue their dreams.

With YoungArts Master Teachers, students come away from master classes and one-on-one time with these visionaries with an experience that will change their lives forever. Many of them have grown up idolizing these artists, and YoungArts is able to provide the unique and rewarding experience of learning from them in an intimate setting.

YoungArts Master Teachers

National and Preliminary Panelists adjudicate the annual submissions and identify the national winners in each discipline and on each level.

National Panelists, Visiting Aritsts and Discipline Coordinators work with the national Finalists during YoungArts Week.