Please read the below, carefully, before beginning your application.

Portfolio Requirements

The portfolio should demonstrate original thinking and a willingness to take creative risks.  While it is expected that you will consult with your teachers in the selection of portfolio material, you are urged to submit work you feel best represents your personal creative interests and is work done outside of class.

  • Portfolio must include a total of ten (10) images: 
    • *Five (5) from a unified body of work or series.
    • *Five (5) images that are your strongest.

Submission Guidelines 

  • *All forms of photography are accepted including: documentary, color, black and white, non-silver processes, digital, and mixed media.
  • *Submissions must be original work. It is strongly recommended that applicants not submit work that was part of a class assignment.
  • *Visual plagiarism (i.e., a direct copy of another artist's work) will not be accepted.
  • *You are responsible for the quality of the submission.  Incomplete or improperly formatted submissions will be disqualified.
  • *Submit each scanned photo as a separate image.
  • *Indicate on each photo the Title, Year Created, Size and Printing Process used.
  • *Minimize use of digital manipulation. A complicated effect using Photoshop will not impress the judges.
  • *Do not submit slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, animations, movies, audio with images or embed images into Microsoft Word.
  • *Do not place your name or a watermark anywhere on the images.

Formatting Submission for Upload

  • *Image File Size: Minimum of 500 KB / Maximum 5 MB.
  • *Image File Format: JPEG (JPG), 72dpi
  • *Convert images to color profile sRGB.
  • *Scan photographs at 100% at 72 dpi.

Now that you have read the above, you may click here to apply.


Please note that the application fee is non-refundable even in the case of injury. You also must be free of injury to participate in YoungArts Week if you are chosen as a Finalist.