Pursuing Your Passion: Lessons from YoungArts MasterClass / Study Guide

Who is it for?

Pursuing Your Passion: Lessons from YoungArts’ MasterClass is designed to assist middle and high

school educators in integrating YoungArts’ MasterClass videos into their classes. Through a broad

range of academic and creative experiences, both core subject classroom educators and arts

educators will find the study guide useful and relevant in their lessons. No arts training is needed

to maximize this new resource.

How does it make connections?

Utilizing the Partnership for 21st Century Skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and

communication, Pursuing Your Passion: Lessons from YoungArts’ MasterClass is designed to support

the development of higher level thinking skills. In addition, web-based resources will provide links

between the study guide and the Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by 47

of the 50 states around the country, giving educators the framework to build relevant and exciting

lessons that are connected to their state and local curricula.

What kinds of materials are available?

In addition to the 24-page study guide and 2-disc set that includes all 9 episodes of the first season

of the Emmy-nominated YoungArts’ MasterClass series, Teachers College’s EdLab and YoungArts

have designed an interactive website that will give students and educators access to learning

resources, materials and lesson plans.

Will there be professional development opportunities?

In-service training materials and professional development workshops are being designed to help

educators maximize the available materials. After pilot programming in New York City through

Teachers College, YoungArts will work with targeted regions to partner with school districts to

offer in-person professional development opportunities. Resources including sample lessons and

training videos will be featured on the website.

For more information about YoungArts’ MasterClass Study Guide,

visit www.youngartsmasterclass.org

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