Theater Educators

“The most important thing about choosing the things that you perform in person for theater, is choosing things that you love. Choose something that you love to sing. Choose a playwright that you love. It should be age appropriate, that is really key. Tips for video: Make sure that the video shows you from at least the knee up. It shouldn't be a close up, it’s not television, it’s theater. We want to see if you can fill a space. So it is important that the video shows most of your body. Make sure that the piano is not closer to the camera than you, so that you can be heard over the accompaniment.”

"I’ve seen students who came to youngarts and didn't really know what they wanted to do, but were chosen as finalists, who I now know they are in their senior years of college and they absolutely transformed, they are passionate, and have direction.”

Michael McElroy
Associate Arts Professor; Associate Chairperson
New York University's Tisch School of the Arts