Voice Educators

"The voice is a very vulnerable instrument. Beauty of sound may be a very subjective matter, but vocal health is not subjective. It is entirely objective. You are not going to be able to become an artist unless you pay attention to vocal health first. Learn your craft. Protect your gift. A healthy singer should be able to move from one style of music to another. For that reason, all of my pop singers dabble in art songs and all of my opera singers can belt. It all begins with grounding yourself. Once you're grounded, you can do a million things. Honey, tea, ginger, and personal humidifiers = great for the voice. Blood-thinning medicine = bad. It's during conversational speech where we do the most damage to our voices. Sometimes it is foolish to perform, because if your vocal issue keeps getting worse, you’ll get to the point where you’ll really be out. Not only will you be disappointing cast members or band members, there will be a loss of income and doctor fees. If you perform your own shows with your own band, you could incorporate more breaks, rearrange the set list or change the keys of a few songs so the show is less taxing on your voice. “

Joan Lader
Guest Lecturer
Columbia University
New York City