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Are you a visual, literary or performing artist between the ages of 15-18?
Step into your greatness.


Why Apply

  • Win cash awards of up to $10,000, an alternative to scholarships that can be spent any way you see fit

  • Take master classes with renowned artists in your field

  • Become eligible for nomination as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts

  • Receive a lifetime of mentoring and professional support with a rich network of peers

  • ​Connect to educational and artistic development opportunities


"It was perhaps the most magical moment of my life. It's very hard to even think of beginning how to sum up how much YoungArts affected me. I learned so much." 

Javier Spivey
2015 Winner in Theater
& U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts

"YoungArts Week felt like a journey into a different dimension - I have never been so immersed in passion and talent. It was astounding, heartfelt, truly inspirational." 

Carissa Chen
2015 Winner in Writing