Aidan Forster receives 2018 YoungArts Lin Arison Excellence in Writing Award

Tuesday Apr 10th, 2018

Blog > Aidan Forster receives 2018 YoungArts Lin Arison Excellence in Writing Award

We’re so excited to announce that Aidan Forster (2018 Winner in Writing) is receiving the 2018 YoungArts Lin Arison Excellence in Writing Award.
The new award is the most recent example of YoungArts’ ongoing expansion to support YoungArts artists across professional and artistic development. With this scholarship, Aidan will receive financial support of $50,000 to be applied against the cost of tuition, room and board to attend an accredited school of his choice.
“Growing up queer in the conservative stronghold of South Carolina, I learned certain scripts: the idea that my body was wrong, erroneous—the idea that boys couldn’t know or want beauty. Poetry presented itself as an antidote to learned shame, a method of deconstructing the tumultuous energies of a landscape that militates against flamboyance, and of achieving the ideal amalgam of beauty and candor. As a writer and artist, I aspire to radically externalize the privilege and pedagogy I’ve received—to help other queer youth use language to create an individuated space in which their bodies can rest, one beyond the scope of trauma and the tragic. The Lin Arison Excellence in Writing Award directly facilitates my exposure to collegiate arenas of literary and critical study, and allows me to cultivate the knowledge and methodologies necessary to enact my career goals and continue writing toward the wild, magic heart of this wondrous craft.”
We can’t wait to see what’s to come for Aidan, who was also nominated U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts, the nation’s highest honor for high school artists.
You can see Aidan’s reading from National YoungArts Week below.