Branding & Logos


Organization Name:

The first time the organization, National YoungArts Foundation, is mentioned, use the full name with the exception of e-communications and social media. The short name, YoungArts, can be used in subsequent references.
“Founded in 1981, National YoungArts Foundation has announced the 2020 YoungArts winners in the visual, literary and performing arts.”
Please note: ‘the’ should never be used before National YoungArts Foundation.
Incorrect Examples:
Young Arts
YoungArts Foundation
National YoungArts competition

Program Names:

The full name of each program should always be used, as in the list below.
National YoungArts Week
U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts

Alumni Designations:

Designations should follow the name in parentheses with the year, YoungArts winner and discipline (capitalized).
Emmett Cohen (2009 YoungArts Winner in Jazz)
YoungArts alumnus Emmett Cohen (2009 Winner in Jazz)
An ampersand must be used for designations with U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts.

Victoria Canal (2015 Winner in Voice & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)
When listing multiple YoungArts awards in a designation, include all disciplines in alphabetical order using the most recent YoungArts award year—never include the award year for a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts designation.

Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Winner in Design Arts and Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)
No possessive apostrophe is used with YoungArts and ‘Winner’ is always capitalized in designations. Other references to a winner or winners are set always in lowercase. For example, “YoungArts winners receive financial awards, creative and professional development experiences working with renowned mentors, and become eligible for nomination as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts.”
For usage questions not answered here, please reach out to Heike Dempster at [email protected]


YoungArts Logo

Our logo combines the full name of the organization set flush left on three lines. YoungArts logotype is a custom
variation of Agenda Bold all caps with 170 tracking and the National and Foundation are set in  Agenda Medium all caps
with 230 tracking and are about 60% as large as the YoungArts.
The logo can be displayed in black, white or 65% gray.
Black Logo
White Logo

The logo should be placed so that there remains at least a 1/4" between it and the edge of the piece on which it appears.
Generally, the logo should never be reproduced smaller than 1/4” (.25”) or 25 px in height. The smallest suggested size also depends on the context of the item or location in which it appears. For instance, a long horizontal billboard will require a larger proportional branding presence than a small oblong postcard. The suggested minimum height for the logo is 5% of the smallest measurement.

Terms and Conditions

You may not use the National YoungArts Foundation logo or other trademarks prior to obtaining written permission for any purpose (other than fair use as defined by trademark law). For linking, please use a text link, not the logo.

Complete Terms of Use are available here.