YoungArts could not do the work we do to identify, recognize and award outstanding students in the arts without the support and effort of educators. We invite educators to get involved with YoungArts and encourage their students to apply to our signature competition. 

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YoungArts in Practice

YoungArts in Practice is an interactive, multimedia resource designed for arts educators to encourage audition preparation, portfolio development, and college and career readiness. 
This user-friendly guide is meant to help educators, mentors or private art instructors in supporting the development of their future artists. The content is adaptable for classroom instruction, distance or online learning and non-traditional classroom settings with activities designed to spark a deeper connection to the artistic process.
YoungArts in Practice focuses on three artistic areas that are foundational to most comprehensive high school programs: Music, Visual Arts and Writing. Each artistic discipline is thematically organized into four sections: Feedback, Reflection, Authentic Voice and Material Choice. These sections include references to national arts and literary standards, practice goals, preparation instructions for each activity, and videos from YoungArts panelists with helpful application tips.

Support Your Artists

We are here to support educators in their efforts to encourage their students to apply to YoungArts. To request a school presentation or application materials, please contact Heike Dempster at [email protected]. To request a complimentary school plaque or educator's certificate, please contact us at [email protected].