YoungArts has hosted several exhibitions by YoungArts master teachers, winners and alumni, including Derrick Adams, Olafur Eliasson, Daniel Arsham and Hernan Bas.

To support and protect our visitors, staff and community, the YoungArts Gallery is temporarily closed until further notice due to health concerns around coronavirus. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to our gallery soon but are excited to explore the world of virtual exhibitions. Due to the pandemic, exhibitions during the 2020-2021 season will take place virtually.

Current Exhibition

do it (home)
Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist

YoungArts, in collaboration with Independent Curators International (ICI), presents a virtual exhibition of do it (home) curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist. 

A version of do it envisioned by Obrist in 1995 and produced by ICI, do it (home) assembled a set of artists’ instructions that could easily be realized in one’s own home. YoungArts asked past award winners, comprising of artists from a range of artistic disciplines, generations, geographic locations and approaches to artmaking, to participate. 
do it (home) is curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York. do it (home) is made available to art spaces internationally free of charge, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, with the support of ICI’s Board of Trustees, contributors to ICI’s Access Fund, and the Jeanne and Dennis Masel Foundation.
Primetime: A Virtual Photography Exhibition
Curated by Luisa Múnera, YoungArts Exhibitions Manager

Exhibiting artists include Gabrielle Broome (2019 Winner in Visual Arts), Justin Clarke (2020 Winner in Photography), Eli Dreyfuss (2016 Winner in Photography), Glenn Espinosa (2016 Winner in Visual Arts), Nathan Hayes (2019 Winner in Photography), Carlos Hernandez (2019 Winner in Photography), Chiemeka Offor (2020 Winner in Photography), Derrick Ostolaza (2017 Winner in Film), Kyle Smith (2020 Winner in Photography & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Jordan Tiberio (2011 Winner in Photography) and Taylor Wang (2020 Winner in Photography).

View Exhibition

YoungArts Miami 2020 Exhibition
Curated by  Edouard Duval-Carrié
On view via YoungArts Facebook Page

This exhibition features the work of the 2020 winners in Design Arts, Photography and Visual Arts and is a testament to the diversity and depth of the next generation’s creative expression. The works on view range from painting, sculpture and photography to digital design and architecture. Many of these young artists celebrate personal histories and ancestries, while others challenge our preconceived notions of identity. Combining a remarkable grasp of current artistic concerns and a keen understanding of the serious environmental challenges we face, they share a desire to innovate. Together they are poised to open up new aesthetic and conceptual territories, fueled by the common goal of harnessing art’s potential in contemporary life.

Exhibiting artists: Angel Ahabue, Luis Aleman, Jazmine Baca, Piper Bangs, Jackson Bein, Sarah Branch, Carlos Cepeda, Justin Clarke, Leah Clemons, Kristian Craig,  Nicholas Ferguson,  Madeline Hazouri, Sofia Hernandez, Alexandra Hogue, Santiago Krossler, Sarah Leiva, Zonelys Martinez, Katherine Miller, Natalie Park, Sabrina Proano, David Rodriguez, Ariya Selvakumar, Kyle Ventura, Ariel Weinberg, Hailey Winn and Yasmin Yanez.

National YoungArts Week 2020 Exhibition
Curated by Maritza Lacayo
On View: January 10–February 7, 2020

This exhibition features the work of the 2020 winners in Design, Photography and Visual Arts and is a testament to the diversity and depth of the next generation’s creative expression. Some of the young artists use their practice to celebrate personal histories and ancestries, while others challenge our preconceived notions of identity. Combining a grasp on current artistic concerns with a desire to innovate, together they are poised to open up new aesthetic and conceptual territories, fueled with the common goal of harnessing art’s potential to give form to the continually evolving complexities of contemporary life.

Exhibiting artists: Coco Angelo, Beatrix Begler, Olivia Bigtree, Amanda Blanca, Maria Carpenter, Carly Chan, Caitlin Chung, Nicholas Ferguson, Kyle Fisher, Oscar Garay, Jonah Ginsburg, Nichole Hernandez, Ramya Iyer, Samuel Jorge, Austin Kim, Kayla Leon, Martin Mbuguah, Ryan McCord, Destiny Moore, Chiemeka Offor, Amira Oguntoyinbo, Nicolas Ouporov, Kleo Pope, David Rodriguez, Jayson Rodriguez, Santiago Salazar, Adali Schell, Andrew Spielvogel, Nicholas Turgeon, Zoe Vassiliou, Kyle Ventura, Ariel Weinberg, and John Wright, II. 

Within Interdependence
An exhibition of work by YoungArts alumni curated by Deana Haggag
October 2–December 13, 2019

Considering ideas of interdependence, intimacy, and the bodymind, Within Interdependence weaves together works that focus on each artist’s connection to their bodies in a rapidly changing ecological, metaphysical and social world. While entering from numerous vantage points, each selected work in the exhibition attempts to draw out what inherently connects us to ourselves, the people around us, and the lands we live on. It is in this spirit of interdependence—an admission that we cannot self-actualize without one another—that this exhibition pulls together these 20 artists.

Exhibiting artists: Alyssa Ackerman (2015 Winner in Visual Arts), Ray Banke (2019 Winner in Design Arts), Demetri Burke (2017 Winner in Visual Arts), Andrew Flanders (2013 Winner in Visual Arts), Adriana Gomez (2019 Winner in Visual Arts), Haley Hasen (2015 Winner in Photography), Carlos Hernandez (2019 Winner in Photography), Maite Iribarren (2015 Winner in Design Arts), Joshua Keeney (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Lauren Lam (2018 Winner in Design Arts and Visual Arts), Timothy Lee (2008 Winner in Visual Arts), Alex Mediate (2016 Winner in Photography), Miles Phillips (2014 Winner in Photography), Antonio Pulgarin (2008 Winner in Photography), Jessica Simpson (2018 Winner in Photography), Gabriel Sosa (2003 Winner in Visual Arts), Patty Suau (2003 Winner in Visual Arts), Alexandra Venegas (2016 Winner in Visual Arts), Liza Wimbish (2018 Winner in Photography) and Caroline Zhang (2018 Winner in Visual Arts).

can we be as brave?
Alumni Photography Exhibition
Curated by Lisa Leone, YoungArts Vice President of Artistic Programs
May 9–September 13, 2019

The works in this exhibition, by 13 YoungArts alumni, bravely investigate a variety of topics that are connected through multifaceted conversations about family, home and community.

Exhibiting artists: James Balo (2018 Winner in Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Eli Dreyfuss (2016 Winner in Photography), Kali Duffy (2017 Winner in Photography), Glenn Espinosa (2016 Winner in Visual Arts), Angela Francis (2014 Winner in Photography & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Nathan Ginter (2018 Winner in Film & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Bria Hamlett (2017 Winner in Photography), Haley Hasen (2015 Winner in Photography), Alex Mediate (2016 Winner in Photography), Sarah Miller (2013 Winner in Photography), Derrick Ostolaza (2017 Winner in Film), Danny Rosenberg (2011 Winner in Film) and Liza Wimbish (2018 Winner in Photography).
YoungArts Miami 2019 Exhibition
Curated by Maritza Lacayo
February 22–April 29, 2019

An exhibition featuring the works of 2019 YoungArts Miami participants in Design Arts, Photography and Visual Arts. 

Exhibiting artists: Annabelle Correa, Njari Anderson, Maia Barbee, Cassandra Bozman, Sahara Clemons, Charlotte de Greling, Johanna Engebrecht,  Margaret Errickson, Sergi Espinales, Gabriel Garcia Rivas, Dara Girel-Mats, Adriana Gomez, Tracey Jean-Claude, Olivia Kelly, Warren Mccombs, Nastassia Mejia, Alejandro Moreno, Aisha Mpiana, Orin Noel, Nicolas Ouporov, Sophia Palacio, Mia Palomba, Celka Rice, Alfredo Rivas, Carolina Robles, Nicholas Turgeon, Loli Vaccaro Biernat, Decarté Washington-May and Stefanie Zins.
Infinite Possibilities
An Exhibition of Works by 2019 National YoungArts Finalists in Design, Photography and Visual Arts
Curated by Rosie Gordon Wallace
January 11–February 3, 2019

Exhibiting artists: Nina Ahmadi, Njari Anderson, Garnet Bernier, Angelica Bohanan, Cassandra Bozman, Gabrielle Broome, Asher Burrows, Joie Cao, Emily Cattouse, Noah Detwiler, Sergi Espinales, Deena Fahed, Adriana Gomez, Katherine Goodwin, Nathan Hayes, Carlos Hernandez, Kushbu Jivan, Gabriela Johnson, Andrea Lira, Emily Liu, Jonathan Lovett, Cleo Maloney, Kevan McClaflin, Aisha Mpiana, Daniel Narvaez, Mia Palomba, Afiya Quryshi, Isabella Rios, Carolina Robles, Marcus Rogers, Elijah Ruhala, Honé Sellassie, Jenny Shi, Kyle Smith, Janessa Soliveras, Rithu Sreenath, Dolores Vaccaro Biernat, Hallie Wilson, Sasha Wood, Davis Yoo and Stefanie Zins.
Education as the Practice of Freedom
2018 Alumni Exhibition 
Curated by Jasmine Wahi
October 9–December 9, 2018
Examining ideas based on bell hooks’s book Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom, this exhibition includes collage, installation, painting, print, mixed media, sculpture and virtual reality works by YoungArts alumni that address the phases of transgressive education and prompt contemporary and forward-thinking discourse on the subject.

Exhibiting artists: Alyssa Ackerman (2015 Winner in Visual Arts), Priscilla Aleman (2009 Winner in Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Salimatu Amabebe (2010 Winner in Photography and Visual Arts), Tracey Bullington (2009 Winner in Visual Arts), Leo Castaneda (2006 Winner in Visual Arts), Amal Haddad (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Kevin Hopkins (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), William Jordan (1987 Winner in Writing & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Lynn Kim (2010 Winner in Visual Arts), Talya Krupnick (2017 Winner in Visual Arts), Sanna Legan (2018 Winner in Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Rachel London (2016 Winner in Visual Arts), Mev Luna (2006 Winner in Visual Arts), Ameya Okamoto (2018 Winner in Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Luz Orozco (2015 Winner in Visual Arts), Natalie Preston (2016 Winner in Visual Arts), Clara Schoenbeck (2018 Winner in Design Arts), Juniel Solis (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Malaika Temba (2014 Winner in Visual Arts) and Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Winner in Design Arts and Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts).
Total Tolerance
U.S. Department of Education Exhibition 
May 4–June 29, 2018 

The National YoungArts Foundation (YoungArts) was selected to partner with the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) Student Art Exhibit Program for an exhibition in Washington D.C. The exhibition showcases works by 2018 YoungArts winners in Design Arts, Photography, Visual Arts and Writing that investigate and address the theme of the exhibition –  tolerance of all people regardless of religion, culture, race or gender.

Selected YoungArts winners: Amanata Adams (2018 Winner in Photography), Hanna Andrews (2018 Winner in Writing), My’Racle Brown (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Aidan Forster (2018 Winner in Writing), Kiki Gordon (2018 Winner in Design Arts), Amal Haddad (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Kevin Hopkins (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Quinlan Lewis-Mussa (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Leanne Lin (2018 Winner in Design Arts), Laiza Martinez (2018 Winner in Photography), Christopher McCready (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Ameya Okamoto(2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Janelle Radcliffe (2018 Winner in Photography), Belle Ray (2018 Winner in Photography), Juniel Solis (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Edith Trautwein (2018 Winner in Visual Arts), Harley Walker (2018 Winner in Photography), Tika Wallace (2018 Winner in Writing), Hazelle Withers (2018 Winner in Photography), Caroline Zhang (2018 Winner in Visual Arts) and Bianca Zhou (2018 Winner in Writing). 
YoungArts Miami 2018 Exhibition
Curated by Rosie Gordon Wallace
February 23–April 27, 2018

“To be a person is to have a story to tell”

An exhibition featuring the work of 2018 YoungArts Miami participants in Design, Photography and Visual Arts. Many of the works in this exhibition have one core formal concern in common. Whether they be about the system, parents, educators, self or sexuality, these works center around the idea of a question. Some question through playful subversion of minimalist concerns, while others pose questions through bold articulation.

Exhibiting artists: Maya Benedetti, Daniel Blanco, Emilee Briscoe, Jacob Chang-Rascle, Uma Chaterjee, Devon Davis,  Mikaela Ehrenstein, Nicolas Glenn, Kiki Gordon, Megan hostetler, Fharid La Torre, Leanne Lin, Sarah Meckes, Alexander Montlvan, Emma Nieves, Carlos Ochoa, Liam Prather, Janelle Radcliffe, Frederick Rapp, Henry Rojas, Lua Schwartz, Zoe Schweiger, Jessica Sharif,  Juniel Solis, Siless Vasquez, Ariana Vilchis, Harley Walker and Alexander Wong.
National YoungArts Week 2018 Exhibition
Curated by Jennifer Ianco
January 12February 2, 2018

This exhibition featured the work of the 2018 winners in Design, Photography and Visual Arts and is a testament to the diversity and depth of the next generation’s creative expression. The works on view range from painting and sculpture to video, photography and digital design. Examining nuances of daily life and investigating socio-political currents, some of the young artists use their practice to celebrate personal histories and ancestries, while others challenge our preconceived notions of identity. Combining a grasp on current artistic concerns with a desire to innovate, together they are poised to open up new aesthetic and conceptual territories, fueled with the common goal of harnessing art’s potential to give form to the continually evolving complexities of contemporary life.

Exhibiting artists: Amanata Adams, Andie Aylsworth, James Balo, Gaia Barracca, Sarah Becker, Sudeep Bhargava, Helen Chen, Sean Cheng, Cyan D’anjou, Maya Dixon, Marie-Yolande Fanouvi, Melissa Fernandez-Flores, Sebrina Gao, Kate Goodvin, Amal Haddad, Kevin Hopkins, Megan Hostetler, Roxy Jamin, Lauren Lam, Bryce Landingham, Sanna Legan, Xavier Lightfoot, Leanne Lin, Jonathan Maldonado, Claire Manning, Christopher McCready, Perry Naseck, Ameya Okamoto, Francesca Peralta, Selena Pesantez, Ashley Prather, Jessica Sharif, Jessica Simpson, Ava Sodergren, Pierson Talbott, Anabella Tsarov, Felipe Urrutia, Flynn Walkinshaw, Liza Wimbish, Alexander Wong, Caroline Zhang, Cynthia Zhou and Jimmy Zhu.
Imagination Land: Fantastical Narrative
Curated by Derrick Adams
October 10December 15, 2017
A group exhibition featuring YoungArts alumni whose works respond to and are in conversation with consumerism, gender roles, the environment, and ceremonial ritual. Including video, sculpture, painting and performative works, the exhibition explores how the mechanics of art production play a major part in the way we see ourselves as products of our environment. Provocative, complex and self-referential, the exhibition proposes new ideas and concepts of external objects, fuses the possible with the impossible, and invites the viewer into a space of self-discovery.

Exhibiting alumni artists: Glenn Davis (2013), Mateo Nava (2013), Mika Rosenberg (2014), Sebastian Ruiz (2014), Celia Shaheen (2015), Su Wan Kim (2015), Cornelius Tulloch (2016), Wade Winslow (2016), Elle Cox (2017), and SWAG FUTURE David Correa x Alberto Checa (2017).
YoungArts Miami 2017 Exhibition
Curated by Liz Shannon
February 24–March 26, 2017

This exhibition presented work by a new generation of artists recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation for their outstanding achievement in Design, Photography and Visual Arts. Selected from across the region, these individual pieces and projects represent the diverse aesthetic, intellectual and emotional concerns of a group of highly creative young people. They interrogate the world, often in an intensely personal way, through artistic practices that engage with an impressive range of media. Supporting and celebrating these artists and their work can only serve to further the city’s proud reputation as a place where art is able – and encouraged – to flourish.

Exhibiting artists: Ezekiel Binns, Theo Blones, Catherine Camargo, Alberto Checa, David Carrea, Adriana De La Torre, Kali Duffey, Luna Elortegui, Victoria Escobar, Dylan Etienne-Ramsay, Karina Fonseca, Abbey Franklin, Chloe Friend, Diego Gabaldon, Ryan Haney, Eloise Janssen, Sofiya Kuzmina, Korri Lampedusa, Sandy Li, Rey Londres, Alejandra Loor, Carmen Lopez, Isabel Oliva, Amelia Polyvious, Sophie Ruiz, Sophia Simmons, Nicole Stebbins, Kathryn Stenberg, Thalia Suri, Dalton Taylor, Samantha Torres, Nanette Turner-Trujillo and Michelle Voight.


September 27–November 21, 2016

A multi-generational exhibition of works by YoungArts alumni curated by renowned sculptor and YoungArts master teacher Robert Chambers.

Exhibiting alumni artists: Eric Clarke Rhein (1980), Naomi Fisher (1994), Cheryl Megan Smith (2007), Lee Heinemann (2011), Paloma Izquierdo (2014), Sebastian Ruiz (2014), Anais Perez (2015), Mark Fleuridor (2015), Ryan Yale (2015), Jackson McGrath (2015), Paloma Valencia (2015), Mikayla Brown (2015), Rachel London (2016), Leonardo Bacan (2016), Terri Ogwulumba (2016), Cornelius Tulloch (2016), and Nadia Wolff (2016).

Daniel Arsham
The Future Was Written
Curated by Franklin Sirmans
September 24December 6, 2015

An interactive exhibition that begins with nearly 2,000 objects made of chalk and evolves with the markings, drawings and words of gallery visitors through Miami Art Week.

Daniel Arsham (1999 YoungArts Winner in Visual Arts) transforms audiences to another time through this immersive and evolving exhibition of new work at the YoungArts Gallery, beginning with nearly 2,000 objects made of chalk, and evolving with the markings, drawings and words of gallery visitors through Miami Art Week on the gallery's black chalkboard walls. In signature Arsham style, these objects represent body parts, such as hands and faces as well as outmoded communication devices including cameras, telephones, video game controllers, and computers.

Visitors of all ages are encouraged to write, draw and make their markings on the walls of the gallery, with the chalk casts progressively disappearing throughout the duration of the show. Epitomizing many of the prevalent themes and motifs in Arsham's work—including the interplay of archaeology and architecture, eroding environments overtaken by nature, and the blurred line between the real and imagined—the exhibition will provide vistiors with a unique experience as actors and creators over a couple months' time.

Curated by Franklin Sirmans, the Director of Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). As a curator, writer and editor, Sirmans has established himself as one of the leading voices in contemporary art. Before arriving at PAMM, he served as department head and curator of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and is former U.S. Editor of Flash Art and Editor-in-Chief of ArtAsiaPacific. Sirmans is the 2007 recipient of the David C. Driskell Prize presented by the High Museum.

Zero Tolerance: Miami
In Partnership with MoMA PS1
December 3 December 21, 2014

Named for the 1990s policy under which New York City took a tough stance against vice and crime, Zero Tolerance: Miami brings together works by artists from across the globe that address tensions between freedom and control. Following Zero Tolerance’s initial presentation in New York, the exhibition at YoungArts makes these global concerns relevant to Miami by inviting artists whose work reflects issues of political dissidence, urban redevelopment, social policy and gay rights to participate. Taken together, the artists represented in Zero Tolerance: Miami continue YoungArts’ commitment to cultural vitality while presenting art of a charged and ambivalent nature, responding to concerns specific in place and time. Zero Tolerance: Miami is curated by MoMA PS1 Director and Chief Curator at Large of MoMA, Klaus Biesenbach, with MoMA PS1 Curatorial Assistant Margaret Aldredge.

The artists in Zero Tolerance: Miami included: YoungArts alumnus Doug Aitken, ACT UP New York, Joseph Beuys, Mircea Cantor, Chim↑Pom, Igor Grubić, Sharon Hayes, Deborah Kelly, Amal Kenawy, Yoko Ono, Pussy Riot, Christoph Schlingensief, Voina, and many more. 

New Perfumes, Larger Blossoms, Pleasures Untasted
Hernan Bas and the Natural World: Selections from the Rubell Collection

October 2November 13, 2014

Our last exhibit, curated by PAMM Director Thom Collins, was the first in the ongoing gallery series entitled Junctures, highlighing the early careers of some of YoungArts' most notable alumni in visual arts. New Perfumes, Larger Blossoms, Pleasures Untasted was an intimate look at the early career of Hernan Bas, one of Miami’s most celebrated artists, who came through the YoungArts program in 1996. The exhibition featured approximately 19 works including drawings, works on paper and mixed media. To view photos from the Member's preview on October 1, click here.

New Voices: Works by Recent YoungArts Alumni
July 22September 12, 2014

Curated by visual artist and YoungArts Master Artist Loni Johnson, this was the first alumni exhibition to be presented on the YoungArts campus, featuring 46 works by 30 YoungArts alumni in Visual Arts, Photography and Writing, offering a glimpse of our nation’s most promising talent.